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Terms and Conditions for Brands Using the Platform

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Sponsorwise Ltd's web platform for approved subscribers.


              Sponsorwise Ltd is located at:

              1st Floor Beaumont House, 1b Lambton Road, London SW20 0LW

              VAT number: GB329030525

              UK Company number: 12072688



The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and any or all Agreements: "Client", "You" “and "Your" refers to you, the person accessing this website and accepting the Company's terms and conditions.

“Subscriber” refers to you if you are a subscriber of the platform. "The Company", "Ourselves", "We", "Our" and "Us", refers to Sponsorwise Ltd. "Party", "Parties", or "Us", refers to both the Subscriber, Sponsorwise Ltd or a 3rd person. “Rights” refer to LED Advertising opportunities, Sponsorship opportunities, Digital Advertising opportunities or Hospitality opportunities offered through the platform. “Rights holder” refers to the legal owner of the “Rights”. “Misuse of information” refers to using information displayed on the platform or website to undermine (financially or otherwise) any outside entity, any entity listed on the platform/ website or Sponsorwise itself as a company. Further terminologies for these terms and conditions can be requested by emailing


Platform Usage and Information

All rights listed on the platform are for descriptive purposes only. Sponsorwise endeavours to uphold the highest level of transparency and legitimacy when listing information on its platform. Sponsorwise does not seek to monetise through any official image rights of the teams listed on the platform, nor does it seek to associate itself in any official way in the guise of an official partnership or any other official association with any of the teams or federations listed on the platform. Sponsorwise acts purely as an independent agency that facilitates the sale of rights held either by itself or another organisation to an exclusive group of vetted subscribers. Organisations listed on the platform are for descriptive purposes only. Purchase of LED rights through the platform equate to on-field exposure and not to any formal association with any of the teams at that said match or competition in the guise of a partnership or a sponsorship; this is the same for any other purchase made through the platform. No purchase through the platform gives the purchaser the allowance to display the associated official team or federation image on any of their external marketing or present themselves as an official partner or sponsor, unless this is agreed with the team or federation themselves in writing. Any official logos of federations or teams displayed on the platform are for presenting purposes only. All rights listed on the platform are subject to change. All profiles listed on the platform are subject to change. All rights advertised for sale on the platform are owned either by the involved party or by Sponsorwise Ltd. The ‘Enquire’ button on the platform does not legally commit the user to the acquisition of the listed rights, nor does it legally bind Sponsorwise in its deliverance. The ‘Enquire’ button is used only as an indication of interest. All audience figures listed on the platform are an estimate calculated by past-viewing figures and/or information provided by the rights holder and/or information provided by the TV station. All audience figures listed on the platform also include stadium viewers. If multiple TV channels are listed, the audience figure will be an aggregate figure. All audience figures are combination of the TV channel. Audience figures do not include web viewers, social media viewers or viewers on highlight shows or newsreels televised or otherwise. Profiles of the associations listed on the platform are created and managed by either Sponsorwise or the association itself. Profiles without official federation logo or crest are not associated with Sponsorwise in any way and are only listed on the platform for descriptive reasons only. Sponsorwise will only list rights not owned by itself upon written approval of the rights holder.  Sponsorwise will only list rights owned by third parties/ agencies, if that said party can evidentially prove their ownership of the said rights. No prices listed on the platform include any production or implementation costs. No prices listed on the platform include VAT or any local taxes that may be due. All times listed on the platform are local times.


Restrictions of Use

Sponsorwise restricts subscribers sharing information displayed on the platform with any off-platform organisation. Sponsorwise restricts subscribers from misusing any of the information displayed on the platform. Sponsorwise restricts subscribers from allowing any other person or organisation to use their designated subscription. Sponsorwise reserves the right to cancel the subscription of any subscriber that breaks any of the restrictions listed or take legal action if necessary. Sponsorwise Ltd owns all of the intellectual property surrounding the design and implementation of the platform.


Orders, Invoicing and Payments

Upon agreeance of an order, an order confirmation and tax invoice will be issued by Sponsorwise Ltd or the rights holder to the subscriber. All costs will be fully transparent before the issuance of the order. A contract may be drawn at the behest of Sponsorwise or the purchaser/ subscriber. VAT is only applicable to orders to companies based inside of the UK. Orders from EU/EEA countries will be EC Sales VAT exempt. All invoices with a value of €25k or less, will be generated and handled by Sponsorwise Ltd. Invoices with a higher value than €25k, will be generated and handled by the rights holder, if that rights holder is not Sponsorwise Ltd. Sponsorwise is not responsible for any missed payments made by the customer to the rights holder, if that rights holder is not Sponsorwise Ltd. Payment terms are to be agreed on a case-by-case basis. Invoices by Sponsorwise will be issued with the company details at the start of these terms and conditions. Sponsorwise will give a full/ partial refund to any rights that were not fully delivered. The refund will depend on the level of mis-deliverance and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Sponsorwise is responsible for the delivery of such rights if the value is €25k or less or owned by Sponsorwise Ltd. Sponsorwise is not responsible for any fines occurred by the subscriber if any laws are broken in their acquisition of chosen rights; this is unless this has been agreed in writing by Sponsorwise beforehand. Production costs are to be calculated on a case-by-case basis.


Cancellation of Subscription

Subscribers are able to cancel their Sponsorwise subscription at any time by contacting their designated account manager or emailing Subscribers will face no penalty for their cancellation and limited subscriber information will be held by Sponsorwise post-cancellation.


All subscribers are defined by Sponsorwise as "Sponsorwise Clients" in any formal exchange with rights holders or 3rd parties. This is acknowledged and accepted by all present subscribers regardless of any spend with Sponsorwise or time spent on the platform.

If an Association approaches a subscriber/ client off-platform, regardless of whether the inventory offered was on the platform or not, the client/ subscriber is obliged to inform Sponsorwise and support Sponsorwise in any legal proceedings that may follow.


Subscriber Privacy

Sponsorwise will not share any subscriber specific information (name/ contact of subscriber etc.) with any third-party without the written consent of the subscriber, however, Sponsorwise may use nonspecific, aggregating information in their external marketing practices such as (total amounts spent on platform, number of subscribers, total value of subscribers etc.).


Privacy Policy

This can be found by visiting

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