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Sponsorwise Association Listing Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Sponsorwise Ltd's web platform and sporting associations advertising rights for-sale on the platform.


              Sponsorwise Ltd is located at:

              1st Floor Beaumont House, 1b Lambton Road, London SW20 0LW

              VAT number: GB329030525

              UK Company number: 12072688



The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and any or all Agreements: "Client", "You" “and "Your" refers to you, the person accessing this website and accepting the Company's terms and conditions.

“Association” refers to you as an organisation listing inventory on the platform or having an official profile on the platform. "The Company", "Ourselves", "We", "Our" and "Us", refers to Sponsorwise Ltd. "Party", "Parties", or "Us", refers to both the Association, Sponsorwise Ltd and/or a 3rd person. “Listing(s)” or “Rights” refer to LED Advertising opportunities, Sponsorship opportunities, Digital Advertising opportunities or Hospitality opportunities offered by the Association to Sponsorwise Ltd to be advertised for-sale on the platform. “Rights holder” refers to the legal owner of the “Rights”. “Subscriber(s)” refers to brands using the platform to acquire Rights.



All rights listed on the platform are for descriptive purposes only. Sponsorwise endeavours to uphold the highest level of transparency and legitimacy when listing information on its platform. Sponsorwise does not seek to monetise through any official image rights of the teams listed on the platform, nor does it seek to associate itself in any official way in the guise of an official partnership with any of the associations listed on the platform. Sponsorwise acts purely as an independent agency that facilitates the sale of rights held either by itself or another organisation to an exclusive group of vetted subscribers. Organisations listed on the platform are for descriptive purposes only. Purchase of LED rights through the platform equate to on-field exposure and not to any formal association with any of the teams at that said match or competition in the guise of a partnership or a sponsorship; this is the same for any other purchase made through the platform beside an actual sponsorship arrangement. No purchase through the platform gives the purchaser the allowance to display the associated official team or federation image on any of their external marketing or present themselves as an official partner or sponsor, unless this is agreed with the association themselves in writing. Any official logos of federations or teams displayed on the platform are for presenting purposes only. All rights listed on the platform are subject to change. All profiles listed on the platform are subject to change. All rights advertised for sale on the platform are owned either by the involved party or by Sponsorwise Ltd. The ‘Enquire’ button on the platform does not legally commit the user to the acquisition of the listed rights, nor does it legally bind Sponsorwise or the Association in its deliverance. The ‘Enquire’ button is used only as an indication of interest. All audience figures listed on the platform are an estimate calculated by past-viewing figures and/or information provided by the rights holder and/or information provided by the TV station. All audience figures listed on the platform also include stadium viewers. If multiple TV channels are listed, the audience figure will be an aggregate figure. Audience figures do not include web viewers, social media viewers or viewers on highlight shows or newsreels televised or otherwise. Sponsorwise will only list rights not owned by itself upon written approval of the rights holder.  Sponsorwise will only list rights owned by third parties/ agencies, if that said party can evidentially prove their ownership of the said rights. No prices listed on the platform include any production or implementation costs. No prices listed on the platform include VAT or any local taxes that may be due. All times listed on the platform are local times.



Profiles of the Association listed on the platform are created and managed by either Sponsorwise or the Association itself. Profiles without official federation logo or crest are not associated with Sponsorwise in any way and are only listed on the platform for descriptive reasons only. There are no fees for profile listings. The Association can have Sponsorwise remove their profile from the platform at any point.



Association has the responsibility to provide Sponsorwise with accurate and relevant information regarding their listings. Requests to amend any listings must be made in good time by the Association. The Association can view their listings at any time. Listings will be disclosed only to subscribers of the platform and Sponsorwise internally; listings will never be disclosed publicly. Removal or amendment of listings can be done at any time upon the request of the Association. Upon listing, the Association confirms that they are able to sell rights through the platform without the need of any 3rd party’s permission. Association holds the right to deny any unwanted partner and is not obliged to provide the listing. All listings will be in Euros. Association will nominate one official representative to be the first point of contact with Sponsorwise regarding the listing. There are no fees for any listings.


LED Requests

All LED listings will be listed in ‘minutes’. LED rights will be listed with a fixed mark-up of 35%; for example, if €1000 per min is the cost price, then the price listed will be €1350. Association has full control of their cost price and can amend pricing at any time. Upon sale of a listing, Sponsorwise Ltd will invoice the subscriber, if the total spend is €25k or less, the full amount; at this point, the Association will raise an invoice for Sponsorwise for the same amount, minus 35%. Payment terms will be decided on a case-by-case basis. If the total spend is €25k or more, this invoice will be made by the Association for the subscriber and an invoice of 35% of the total amount will be made by Sponsorwise for the Association to pay. Sponsorwise is responsible for the timely delivery of the LED animation to the correct specifications and timelines determined by the Association. Sponsorwise is responsible for the production of animations. The Association is responsible for the delivery of the animation to the physical LED system and the correct display of the animation requested. Failure to uphold any of these responsibilities by either party, or, if there are any unsuspected issues with either the delivery or display of the LED system e.g. force majeure; all parties involved will seek to resolve the issue in the fairest possible way.


Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorship requests can be made by subscribers at any time via the Association’s profile on the platform. When a request is made, Sponsorwise will inform the Association and discuss with the Association the next steps. Management of the interested subscriber is completely at the behest of the Association. Both Sponsorwise and the Association aim to work together in the pursuit of a sponsorship arrangement. The Association is in no way obliged to accept the sponsorship request made by any subscriber. Fees for sponsorships arranged, after a sponsorship request, are calculated on a case-by-case basis dependent on the level of involvement by Sponsorwise but will be in the range of 10-20% commission of the gross spend by the sponsor over a 12-month averaged period. A sponsorship request made via the platform is a legal entitlement to at least 10% commission for up to 12-months after the request has been made; this is regardless of the level of involvement by Sponsorwise post-request.


Association Permissions

Association gives Sponsorwise full permission to list their profile and specified listing(s) on the platform. Association permits use of their official crest, social media links and relevant club information on the platform. Association permits Sponsorwise to act as their commercial representative to subscribers using the platform in regard to listings on the platform and sponsorships. Association permits use of their official crest and name in Sponsorwise’s external marketing and sales process both during and after listing on the platform.


Privacy Policy

This can be found by visiting

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